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2019 Summary - the good, the bad, and the f*cking ugly...

Many of you may have been following our journey throughout 2019 or even earlier. Things have progressed and changed so much in the past year especially in the last 6 months of 2019. 

June - We opened a concession in Atika, Brick Lane. 

July - 

August - 

September - Spoke on a Podcast and gave a talk about Self Care at Hip Hop Meditation 

October - Opened a second concession in Bidhaar, Peckham. 

November - Got a studio to sew and work from, really tryna push to create content for you guys to see how your clothes are made and understand the process. 

December - 

Had to break it down and really remember everything that happened because sometimes things move so fast that you forget to live in the moment and appreciate the good stuff happening. 

As always with the ups do come the downs which are not always talked about so as much as a brand and personally I feel I've accomplished a lot it wasn't without some set backs but all in all 'we move'. 

Grateful for the journey and excited to see what 2020 brings, thanks again for all the support and encouragement. If you've brought a misemi piece this year then you're a real one, and if you haven't what are you actually doing go now.. go and buy something stat!! 

Love y'all. 

Missy x 


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