Misemi Mondays #03. - Netflix must watch: True Crime

Misemi Mondays #03. - Netflix must watch: True Crime

Today's Misemi Monday is a short one. 

As a true crime fan(?) just have a few suggestions on some true crime docuseries/ crime dramas to watch all on Netflix so if you don't have it apologies in advance. 

Dirty John - Betty Broderick : Based on a real story, googled it and it's all a bit mad to be honest. 

The Fall: watched this on Netflix the other day didn't see it ending the way it did but definitely a good watch 

Mindhunter: Based on real life serial killers which is a bit chilling. Feel like many people must have watched this already patiently waiting for season 3 need it like yesterday. 

World's Most Wanted: True Crime add it to the list

Unsolved Mysteries: will make you want to become a detective because unsolved cases don't sit right with me lol

Leave a comment if you have any additional suggestions :) 

Also listen to My Favorite Murder the podcast it's so good and I will never stop suggesting it lol. 


Misemi x 




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